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Wholesales Inquiries

wholesale goods at your door step

Now You get wholesale Items on your doorstep


Generally our concept of franchise or bulk purchasing is quite simple, most products are imported  or Manufactured and they do not bear any MRP so it depends on how much you charge, because they have a certain MRP Is not.  

You can send us the list of products and we will provide you with the best possible prices.In the beginning you can look at once before buying products. The price of our starting bulk order is ₹ 10000 which will be provided on our website according to the prices mentioned. You will provide all kinds of items which are currently being sold on our website, or choose whatever product you want, you are provided free shipping facility and provide a  maximum discount item-wise.

More than one product can also be selected according to your requirement. there is also a margin of 10 to 50% on the prices mentioned on our website.According to the prices mentioned on our website, you get a margin of 10 to 30% (for small re-sellers),you can also sell your customers on your rate.

     Unique and A + grade quality is given, which is difficult to find elsewhere 7-10  days return policy with condition apply.We will promote your shop on our website and other social pages if you use our brand name. If you want to use your own name, then we can work as a business ourselves, you can sell whatever you want.

  • There is no minimum order, you can order a single piece if you want.
  • Shipping facility available within 24 hours
  • We can do shipping anywhere in India, for which you have to pay an additional shipping charge depends on products wise.
  • Scheme is not valid other service provider like amazon, shop-clue extra.

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