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Best ladders in India

Self Supporting Stool Type ladder 

Aluminium Folding Ladder, Step Ladder
Step Ladder(1)

Size Available  ft to 15 ft.
Platform          1.1 mm Thick sheet
Support Step   2.5 mm  & 4.5 mm
Shoes             Hard rubber Shoes
Cover Plug     Black 
Section          1.2 mm, 1.6 mm
Finishing        Without Anodized                                                                                                                          
Ladder cum urban ladder is developed from the top quality material and contemporary techniques in accordance with industry set standards-use a platform type stepladder – it provides safer support and a more stable working surface.  

Ladder can be used anywhere ,as official work, house, decoration paint & other related work .In India ladders are most in trends easily to carry ,fit in to small spaces. Step Ladder in black cap can be easily available in your local Market, It’s very difficult to find in online.


  • Its more all purpose use available size 3 to 15 Feet.
  • This ladder  is available  with different size step as per customer
  • Its platform uses 1.1 mm thick seat.
  • To make a firmer grip from the surface, it is used in hard-topped shoes
  •  It is very economical in terms of cost, which can be bought easily.

  • Whenever you start climbing this step, the ladder feels shaken.
  • It is prepared by finishing without anodized. 

Brands Endorse With Us.

 Brand Name  :-  Delhi Model
 Weight          :-  6-10 Kg APPROX
 Price             :-  2000
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Self Supporting Stool Type ladder -2


Size Available  ft to 15 ft.
Platform          1.5 mm Thick sheet
Support Step   2.5 mm  & 4.5 mm
Shoes             Pure rubber Shoes
Cover Plug     Pink Up Ladder Ind.
Section          1.2 mm, 1.6 mm
Finishing        With Anodized  

Urban step ladder is very useful for any type of industry work and home decoration and kitchen.It is mainly used in industry work, but it also fulfills the requirement of all types of work in your house such as wall work and kitchen rakes or reach to any height and small stool, means with the help of this ladder All stool work can also be done.   

Self-supportable step ladder meaning it does not have to be lean against any type of support to be used ladder is very useful to have around your house especially the kitchen.   


  • It is available in sizes from 3 feet to 15 feet
  • It is made with aluminum 1.6 tempered material
  • Its platform  is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminum layer
  • It is also provided with a 5-year exchange warranty
  • It looks shiny like silver

  • Care must be taken to open the ladder for use, so open it properly
  • Its very less vendor in online supply.
Brands Endorse With Us.

Brand Name :-  Up Ladder & Industries
Weight          :-  4.8 Kg 4 step
Rating           :-   Owned Manufacturing
Added Point   :-  5 year warranty.
Price              :-   2500
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Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder with wide steps Milano 4 step .

Step Folding  Ladder In Black,Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder with wide steps Milano 4 step .
Black Heavy Folding Ladder

This kind of ladder  online is proving to be very convenient for warehouses, warehouses, libraries and any other work, with the help of this, anyone can react up to a certain height.It features a main top Grip that has a strong grip for comfort as well as safety and wide variety of ladders on the market

Keeping in mind the safety of the anti-skid ladder, a rubber boot is also placed which prevents slipping on the ground and provides strength so that it remains stable.For safety it also has a lock feature which keeps the platform locked and it is also fold able for locations for tenure use and is completely rust free, so that it can run smoothly for a long time. It is provided at a reasonable cost.

  •  Heavy duty made from mild steel pipes and powder coated to a classic black color, this strong mild steel ladder has heavy duty performance thanks to its ergonomic design and the quality material used in its manufacture.
  •  A one stop-shop for home decor and furniture, Complete your tasks with ease with these step ladders and stools that are designed to make your life simple
  •  Built using high-quality materials, these sturdy and durable multi-functional utilities are a must have in every house hold.
  •  Offering unbeatable prices,its ladder features an unending collection of these utilities to choose from, A-one stop-shop for home decor and furniture

  •  It may be a bit slippery for which please clean it before use
  •  Its not recommend over height work. 

Brands Endorse With Us.

Brand Name :-  Parasnath Folding Ladder
Weight          :-  4.8 Kg 4 step
Rating           :-  5 out of 4.6 /453 Rated
Added Point   :-  2 year warranty.
Price              :-  2299
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Brand Name    :-  BrancoBlack  Ladder
Weight  Limit    :-  120-150 Kg
Rating              :-  94 Rated/4.1 out of 5
Add. Point        :-  7 year warranty.
 Price               :-  2049
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Brand Name  :-   Cipla Black Ladder
Weight          :-  10-13 Kg APPROX
Rating           :-  4.5 out of 5/276 Rated
Add. Point      :-   7 year warranty.
Price             :-   2198
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Brand Name   :-   Megna Folding Ladder
 Weight  Limit   :-  120-150 Kg
Rating              :-  220 Rated/4.7 out of 5
 Added Point    :-  7 year warranty.
 Price              :-  1899
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Brand Name :-   Happer Folding Ladder
Weight          :-   11.9 Kg 6 step
 Rating          :-  4.5 out of 5
Added Point  :-  5 year warranty.
Price             :-  3099
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Aluminium Blue Heavy Folding Ladder

Parasnath Aluminium Blue Heavy Folding Ladder
Aluminium Blue Folding Ladder

This Parasnath 7th step aluminum ladder is made using high grade aluminum.  And this ladder is an ideal ladder, which proves very useful for home, office, warehouse, shop etc.It uses a corrosion resistant design, which provides greater support and protection,which can be easily used for a long time.

It is specially made to provide anti-skid design plastic top with a better grip to prevent slipping from smooth surface. Its long arches give you more support and protection, while its wide steps with an anti-skid pattern also prevent you from operating it easily, which is good for a thrift shop.

  • This heavy duty aluminum ladder can easily hold weights up to 150 kg with extra durability
  • The high quality aluminum installed in it increases its capacity.  And it is necessary for every home & commercial place.
  • It is ideal for every household office, warehouse, shop or any other type of commercial space and can be easily used for long life. It is introduced with wide base design firm and comfort and safety
  • Little heavier ladder than other.

Brands Endorse With Us

 Brand Name  :-  Parasnath BlueLadder
 Weight           :-   9.2 kg, 7 step
 Rating           :-   4.6 out of 5 | 453 Rated
 Added Point  :-  10 year warranty.
 Price            :-   4699
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Brand Name  :-  Happer Step Ladder
Added Point   :-  5 year warranty.
Price               :-  3699
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Giraffe  Aluminium Ladder

Nowadays it is necessary to have a ladder for family and any industry.  The use of older methods such as stools and chairs has become almost non-existent, as they carry a lot of risk.It is perfect for use both outside and inside and there is not much weight when moving it from one place to another.  It is also lightweight in lifting and is designed by special design for  step ladder.

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