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Industry Ladder Cum Extension Ladder

Wall Supporting Straight Ladder in 2.5 and 4.5 inch step

Straight Ladder  wall support

Ladder is an aluminum wall support straight ladder.  Which is used for stressing 2.5 inch and 4.5 inch steps.  It is manufactured by a reputed traders This ladder is available in a size ranging from 8 feet to 24 feet and you can select it according to your requirement.

    Thinks we love this product
    • Its is made by Hindalco, Mm metacraft, Sant Alumunium.
    • Size available in 8ft to 24 ft. as per customer requirement. 
    • It’s used 4.5  and 2.5 step  for better comfort  of  the customer
    • Straight ladder is beneficial for official work, household work and multitasking task.

    Thinks we do not love this product
    • It is very rarely find in online.
    • Its is not work without support.

    Alumunium Self Supporting Extension Ladder

    Alumunium Self Supporting Extension Ladder, Extension Ladder
    Self Support Extension Ladder

    The range of telescopic ladders we offer to the customer is widely considered useful in many construction industries due to its light weight and long working life.  

    These types of stairs are designed using superior quality raw materials. Such as copper standard Aluminium and brass ,Steel etc. which are purchased from vendors and our customers can also get these specifications in customized specifications.

      Thinks we love this product

      • It is suitable for electrical work, domestic industry or any industry at any height.
      • Manufactured From High Tensile Aluminum Alloys
      • Elegant, Sturdy, Light in weight , Extremely Useful where no wall support is available to Ladders
      • 100% twist proof & unbreakable ladder.
      • Rust-dust fire & flint proof
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      Alumunium Self Supporting  Wheeled Extension Ladder

      Self Supporting wheels extension ladder
      Self Supporting Wheels Extension ladder

      We keep a wide range of ladder for the customers which is made as per international quality standards. And this same broad range of ours is known for permanent and strong construction.  In addition we use these ladders mainly for small purposes, such as street lights and for commercial use.

      They are made from aluminum alloy.  They are also light in weight and are resistant to dusty soil and fire.  Are 100% twist proof and unbreakable ladder. Its ladder section size is 67mm×31mm × 3.15mm / 2.50mm phase.12 pipes are in center to center.

      Thinks we  love this product

      • Heavy Duty Structure
      • Rust-Dust Fire & Flint Proof
      • Steps From Jindal Make 6063 T-6 Alloy
      • Manufacturer from high tensile aluminum alloys universally used For industrial and firefighting jobs

      Alumunium  Wall Supporting  Extension Ladder

      wall supporting extension ladder
      Wall Supporting Extension Ladder

        A large amount of strong joints have been manufactured with hidalgo section.  So that it makes it easy to reach on heights.  The aluminum walls are extended like a fire brigade ladder. Alloy is used to make it, in sizes from 16 to 36 and 4.8 meters to 10.97 meters is made available.

       Thinks we love this product
      • Reach up to 60 ft
      • Easy to expand
      • Build with Hindlaco
      • Rubber Grip feet
      • Ideal for industrial job at a height

      Alumunium  Telescopic Tilt table Tower Ladder

      Tiltable Tower Ladder
      Tiltable Tower Ladder

      Made of high quality aluminum Tiltable ladder.  And it is serving all our customers. It is made of state-of-the-art facility and quality aluminum and other alloys.This ladder is tiltable, ie it can also be tilted to desired angle while working.  Due to its high power portability and many other features, this tower has also received a lot of appreciation and demand among all our customers. The aluminum tillable tower ladder can be easily named after well-defined and proper inspection on quality parameters.

      Thinks we love this product
      • Corrosion resistant
      • Overweight carrying capacity
      • Less Maintenance cost
      • Heavy duty structure
      • Non-Slip Tubing Steps At 300 mm Interval.

        Telescoping ladder

        EQUAL Telescoping ladder is designed for both commercial contractors and home do it yourself customers. Made of Aerospace Engineered 6061 alloy with a Clean-Touch anodized finish, each EQUAL Telescopic ladder has rungs that are built tough to ensure sturdy footing. The EQUAL Telescoping ladder adopted new upgraded technology which spend you only a few seconds to retract the ladder from its full extension.No more finger-pinching, convenient and safe.

        Thinks we love this product
        •        Lightweight and compact size, net weigh approximate 14.9k), easy to transport and store; a closure strap secures the ladder firmly, easy to carry it.
        •     Each section is locked independently, therefore it can be adjusted to the appropriate height according to different needs. No Assembly Required.
        •     The ladder can be use as Straight ladder, perfect for indoor housework and outdoor activities, such as home/building maintenance, window cleaning, indoor/outdoor decoration, painting and more.
        •    The independent locks secure 12 steps, allowing user to adjust any height of the ladder, from 2.8 ft to 16.5 ft (86 cm to 5.1M), convenient to use for many tasks and carry around; Loading capacity up to 150 kg.

        EQUAL Foldable Multipurpose Aluminium Super Ladder

        Extension ladder,  is considered perfect for industry use, over height working,normal use of cleaning works. Aluminum Multipurpose Stepladder Ladder Extension is easily folded as per industry requirement and contain minimum less then weight 12.5 kg.Its works on square rungs and supporting tubes, make this folding ladder stable and durable

        Thinks we love this product
          •  It can be folded, save space and easy to carry. This folding ladder is Non-Insulated.
          • Anodized & Rust proof for use in all kinds of Indoor & Outdoor environment & weather conditions.
          • Multipurpose ladder can be converted into different shapes to provide multi utility.
          • Lock Hinges ensures the Total Safety of the User at each position, easy to operate, fold and unfold in seconds using quick responsive lockable hinged joints

              When using a ladder in a crowded area, erect warning signs or barricades to guide traffic away from the foot of the ladder. If this is not possible, have someone hold and guard the bottom of the ladder.Rest the base of ladder on a spot away from hallways, passageways, doorways, driveways or heavy traffic areas. Never set up a ladder in front of a door unless the door is locked or a guard is posted.

              Rest the base of ladders on firm, level, dry, non slippery surfaces. If one foot sits in a low spot, build up the surface with firm material or use leg levelers or mudsills when necessary to provide firm support.

              Make sure the ladder is sitting straight and secure before climbing it. Do not allow ladders to lean sideways. Level them before using.
              Position the extension ladder such that top section is above and resting on the bottom section with the rung locks engaged.
              Do not try to make a ladder reach farther by setting it on boxes, barrels, bricks, blocks or other unstable bases.

              Never set up or use a ladder in a high wind, especially a lightweight metal or fiberglass type. Wait until the air is calm enough to insure safety.Do not use ladders on ice or snow unless absolutely necessary.

              If they must be used on ice or snow, use spike or spur-type safety shoes on the ladder feet and be sure they are gripping properly before climbing.
              When two or more separate ladders are used to reach an elevated work area, make sure that the ladders are offset with a platform or landing between the ladders.

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